American Accent and Communication Skills Training



Getting individualize attention is a great way to see results more quickly. These sessions offer a level of customization that is perfect for those that need scheduling flexibility or who want to focus more deeply on a specific area

Let's move you to the next level, or two, of your English fluency!

Pick one of the monthly coaching packages below and let's get started. Sessions are available in units of 4, 6 or 8 sessions within a 30 day period. Each session is 50 minutes long.

Group Coaching

If you have a group that wants to work on the areas of stress placement, intonation and/or connected speech (linking and reductions), please send a message to You could also sign up for one of my upcoming courses.

Corporate Training Program

Does your staff need enhanced English skills to work with your clients? Are they working in a multinational setting where they're responsible for presenting at or conducting meetings? Contact me at so that we can discuss how I can serve the accent modification needs of your staff.

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Be ready to learn the fundamentals of intonation and proper stress placement on words and sentences to produce the "music" of American English. Guaranteed to increase your clarity, fluency and confidence!