American Accent and Communication Skills Training

Hi, I'm Denise

I'm an American Accent and Communication coach and the founder of ESL Pro Services. I help my students learn the elements of the American English "accent" to sound more like a native speaker. I've had the pleasure of helping so many progress, not only in their speaking fluency and listening abilities, but just as importantly, their confidence! Having traveled extensively, being a "cultural enthusiast" and working in Washington, D.C. has allowed me to work with people from all over the world, and I love it!  

So how did I get started teaching English?  

Well, you could say it all started when I discovered my love of foreign languages in high school.

I picked up on them easily and enjoyed learning how to produce the various sounds that were different from English (my musical background certainly helped!). I would spend hours just looking at the rules and structures of these languages and compare them to my own, especially the parts dealing with pronunciation.

The trilled "r" and the vowels that always sounded the same in Spanish or the different marks placed above letters that changed how the word was pronounced in French, such as très, théâtre or Nöel. My fascination with these languages continued well after I graduated from college.

Once I started working, it was time to start traveling! Paris had always been high on my list, so off I went. After all, what's the point of studying a language if you can't put what you've learned to the test and I felt pretty confident that I would be just fine.

I soon discovered how unprepared I was! 

I couldn't talk about anything beyond the basics, such as greetings, asking for directions and ordering food, even though I had been studying this language for years!

Everyone was speaking so fast and using phrases that I hadn't heard. Doing well in the safe environment of the classroom didn't help me once I was out having real conversation with natives.

Does this sound familiar? 

I quickly lost my confidence and feared making mistakes, looking foolish or perhaps being perceived as stupid!

So, when I returned home I doubled my efforts, diving into textbooks and taking an occasional class, which helped a bit, but I still felt stuck. I wanted to know the finer points of this language and realized that if I wanted to get beyond this feeling then the next step was to hire a tutor. This made a huge differenceas working one-to-one allowed me to develop a plan to increase my fluency. 

When I went back to Paris two years later I was much better prepared; I even picked up some street "slang" and got complimented on my accent as well.

My pain was for your benefit!

Fast forward twenty years and this love of learning a language came up again, this time with my own native language!

Throughout my career in the sales/marketing and hospitality industries, there were many occasions when my colleagues would come to me for help with their English.

Wanting to help at a deeper level and with a more systematic approach, I decided to study my own language to get a view of how all the things I take for granted really work. So, after flipping through a lot of grammar books and watching way too many videos on teaching vocabulary and "accent" reduction, I decided to get my CELTA certification and have been teaching ever since.

I can say without a doubt, that the struggles that I had with my own foreign language learning experiences have given me valuable insights into my students frustrations and helping to get them where they want to be in terms of fluency.

So what does all this mean for you?

Listen, it's no secret that English is the most widely spoken language in the world and therefore offers unlimited opportunities for those who are enhancing their skills. 

It's a valuable asset, whether you're trying to further your career, obtain a higher score on an educational entrance exam or just want to be able to communicate with others in the global arena.

My mission is to help you incorporate the elements of the American accent (e.g. stress placement, intonation, linking, etc.) to reach your goal of increased clarity, fluency and confidence. Your VOICE matters!

My courses and coaching programs will help you learn what's necessary to produce the "music" of American English. Take that first step towards your limitless future and sign up for a course, coaching session or both today, to see how I can serve you in obtaining your goals.

You can do this, let's go!