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Want to sound more like an American English Speaker?

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At ESL Pro Services I provide what's missing from the classic classroom curriculum---teaching the "elements" of the American English accent.

How do you know if you need this service?

Well, does your speech sound choppy or monotone--is every word given the same length and pitch? Are you wondering why the written phrase "What are you doing?" sounds like "whaddaya doin?" Do you find it difficult to follow a conversation at normal speed? Are these things effecting your ability to feel confident speaking? Then my training would be beneficial in your learning how to produce the "music" of American English. 

So, what will you need to reach your desired result?  I'll help you understand that proper stress placement on words and sentences and the use of intonation are the keys to sounding "native" more quickly. In addition, throwing in some linking and reductions to deliver your message with a bit less effort and learning where to place the voice will improve your clarity, fluency and confidence!

 A side benefit of learning to incorporate these elements is developing your listening skills which will enhance your ability to replicate what you're hearing when speaking.

Join me! Learn the "melody" of American English and soon everyone around you will take notice! 

Who I Serve

My students are at the upper intermediate to advanced level of proficiency. The goals they have vary, but most want to have something close to what they have in their native language--the ability to actively participate in everyday conversations and be heard. They want to stop being asked to repeat things constantly because of their "accent." And they also have career, educational and personal goals they'd like to achieve to live their "rich" life, and one by one, I help them get there.

Satisfied clients are the best proof! Check out what a few have to say about me.

In India of course we speak English, but there are ways of speaking in America that we do not do.  Denise was very good at teaching me the correct stress placements on words and common phrases in the American English style. This was very beneficial in improving my delivery during the many business presentations I must make as a bank manager.  I recommend her very highly.

Arjun S.


I felt so good in making the right choice to study with Denise - she has so much great personality and knowledge!  In our beginning she spent time getting to know me and asked plenty of questions to listen to my speaking. Then we got right to starting the work. My boss is very impressed with my English improvement. I recommend Denise without hesitating!

Petra J.


Denise is a great teacher for the business person who needs to know how to properly pronounce the best English in many situations. For myself, I had to travel to the U.S. for my job for 1 year and she helped me much in the short term I had available.  She can get right to the point of what you need.  I was very happy with Denise's teaching.

Marita R.


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